Plastic Injection Molding Jan 25, 2013

Insert Injection Molding Reduces Cost While Improving Product Reliability

We all want the best of both worlds: products that are strong and reliable... and also keep within sometimes tight budgets. Insert injection molding services offered by ALTEK Manufacturing can help you do just that.
Insert injection molding is an overmolding process used at ALTEK to combine more than one part into one final composite part or finished product. During the process, an "insert" is placed into an insert molding machine that then injects melted plastic to fill in around the insert. While this often involves two disparate plastic pieces, insert molding can also be used to combine components made up of other materials like metal.
What many people don't realize is that using insert injection molding can offer both cost and reliability benefits. Combining two materials into one component or part often removes the necessity of additional assemblies and added costs for an injection molding project; these parts are often quite reliable during use as the two parts have actually been secured together within the plastic.
Insert injection molding can be used for a wide variety of parts and products in industries as diverse as Aerospace manufacturing, medical manufacturing and consumer products. An experienced injection molder can help determine the proper materials to use in order to ensure a strong bond is created between the two components.
Visit our Plastic Injection Molding page for more information about ALTEK's insert injection molding and other overmolding techniques and to learn how insert injection molding can help you save money on your next project.