Plastic Injection Molding Jan 16, 2013

Why Choose Gas Assist Injection Molding?


Gas assist injection molding is a technique that’s been around for over twenty years, and yet many of the advantages of the process are still unknown to many.
Gas assist injection molding is a low-pressure process that pushes nitrogen gas throughout the mold cavity in order to offer uniform pressure throughout an entire molded part. The process can be very helpful for producing parts that may not adhere to the normal requirements of injection molded part designs.
Frequently used for larger, thicker parts and products, gas assist injection molding can be beneficial for products produced for almost any industry. Typical parts we see that utilizing the process include Aerospace manufacturing projects like Aerospace enclosures or other large parts that have thicker walls. By using gas assist injection molding, these parts now have greater design flexibility and lower costs, as cycle times and necessary materials are greatly reduced for hollow molded parts.
But these materials reductions don’t necessarily mean lower strength. Gas assist injection molded parts maintain rigidity, strength and a smooth surface appearance (something that can be problematic for other injection molding techniques like structural foam molding) while also reducing the chance of sinkage and material shrinkage.
Under the proper care of an experienced injection molder like ALTEK Manufacturing, gas assist injection molding can hold plenty of benefits for your next project. Contact ALTEK today to learn more about gas assist injection molding and any of our other plastic injection molding services like structural foam molding, film insert molding or over-mold.

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