Precision Machining Services Apr 23, 2013

Aerospace and Medical Markets Increase Demand For Titanium Machining Services

Titanium machined parts have several key benefits that have made the process popular for medical equipment manufacturing and ALTEK's Aerospace machining customers in recent years. From its extremely high strength-to-weight ratio offering tough, durable parts built to endure strenuous wear and tear, to its naturally corrosion-resistant properties and overall thermal stability, titanium parts can be an attractive 50% lighter option over their steel counterparts.
Those benefits can come at a cost, however, as some of the same properties that make titanium metal parts so desirable also make the alloy more challenging for CNC metal machining and other metal machining processes. Typical challenges include rapid tool wear due to the necessity for higher temperature at the cutting area as well as higher heat absorption by the tool resulting from titanium alloy’s poor thermal conductivity.
Because of these challenges, it is important to choose wisely when it comes finding a contract manufacturer to help you with metal machining services. An experienced machine shop can ensure you keep control over project costs and completion schedules by taking into consideration desirable cutting speeds, the force used during the cutting, as well as keeping a close eye on temperatures by the knowledgeable use of coolants during machining processes.
Find out about titanium machining at ALTEK Manufacturing's 24-hour machine shop or ask about our experience with any of the other materials frequently found in Aerospace and Medical manufacturing—including stainless steel and aluminum, as well as ALTEK's injection molding capabilities.