contract manufacturing May 09, 2013

5 Reasons Why Design for Manufacturability Matters

Design for Manufacturability - designing products that make manufacturing easier. In actuality, Design for Manufacturing (or Design for Manufacturability as it's sometimes known) can turn into a multi-faceted and highly precise system that helps guide the design of products that will reduce the overall cost of the product throughout its life cycle and can involve a long list of factors.
Some people are unaware of just how big the effect of product design can be--by making products easier to manufacture, manufacturing costs are reduced, the chances of iterative design that is both costly and time consuming are greatly reduced, and a product's overall time to market can be greatly improved.
There are key considerations for designing products that are easier to manufacture, and helpful guidelines that can prepare products for a successful production. Design for Manufacture also leads to easier product assembly when steps are taken to decrease the number of components needed and using standardization when possible.
Concurrent design and engineering can be very helpful as well for plastic injection molding projects as it pertains to parts and injection mold tooling. By combining part and mold design, part and mold complexities are minimized and costly errors are engineered out.
To get you started, ALTEK Manufacturing offers a full Design for Manufacturing review to help you find potential trouble areas and discuss opportunities to engineer out additional labor and material costs. We also provide a mold design review to ensure the most suitable injection mold tooling solutions are discussed upfront.