contract manufacturing Dec 23, 2013

Find Comfort and Control With Clean Room Manufacturing at ALTEK

Clean room manufacturing is often requested for sensitive components found in a variety of industries, from Medical-grade components and devices to Military applications requiring laser optics components. In short, clean room manufacturing is often requested for any component or manufacturing process that has the potential to be damaged by airborne particles.
Clean room manufacturing functions by adhering to strict controls of airborne contaminants, including dust, chemical vapors, or other airborne particles. Steps are taken to ensure the environment in a given area or even an entire facility has a strictly controlled atmosphere.
At ALTEK Manufacturing, our clean room manufacturing services are frequently requested for high-precision laser optics components in diverse industries including:
The medical industry often requires clean room manufacturing in order to complete medical-grade optical instruments for laser surgery and for optics commonly found in Operating Rooms. By utilizing a contract manufacturer like ALTEK for outsourcing medical device manufacturing, OEMs receive the benefits of our tightly-controlled processes and highly-skilled staff that offer a state-of-the-art manufacturing experience and better end products.
Military and Defense:
Laser optics are commonly found in many military and defense products and components. As such, clean room manufacturing is often required for laser optics components in Military, Defense, and Aerospace manufacturing and is often requested in combination with other contract manufacturing services including ALTEK's plastic injection molding and precision machining services.
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