General News Dec 20, 2013

Manufacturers Expect Increasing Employment Numbers in 2014

Based on new reporting from the U.S. Government as well as projections from the Institute of Supply Managers, 2014 is looking good for a jump in employment in the United States.
According to a recent article published in Electronics Purchasing Strategies, many of these jobs will be coming to the Manufacturing industry. Jobs are expected to increase by 2.4% for the industry throughout 2014.
These increases will be widespread, ranging from contract manufacturing in plastics and fabricated metals to textiles and paper products.
Advancements in automation and other operational improvements have created opportunities for productivity increases for many manufacturers, and now these equipment improvements need skilled workers to help run them (Learn more about ALTEK’s Automated Manufacturing capabilities in our recent blog post). That means good things for employees with specialized manufacturing and engineering skills.
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