Aerospace Manufacturing Dec 11, 2013

New Article Featuring ALTEK President Mike Marzetta Addresses Future of Aerospace in Spokane

The future of the Aerospace industry--and of Boeing’s presence in Washington in particular--was the subject of an in-depth article published this week in the Inlander, a weekly publication covering news from across the Inland Northwest.
The new article featured an interview with ALTEK Manufacturing President Mike Marzetta, who in addition to his role with ALTEK also heads up the Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium (INWAC).
Spokane is an area that’s increasingly making inroads with Aerospace-related companies, going so far as to make it to the #2 ranked spot for the manufacture of Boeing’s 737 MAX, and for good reason.
As Mike is quoted in the article, the creation of INWAC has helped local competitors continue to compete while also raising up the area as a whole by working to attract new Aerospace businesses and pushing local manufacturers and other Aerospace companies to gain additional certifications like AS9100. Though difficult and costly to obtain, these added certifications provide an appealing base that poises the area for future growth.
The INWAC group also provides support by directly matching Aerospace suppliers and assemblers with local subcontractors to ensure sub-assemblies are handled quickly and at desirable costs for suppliers.

Check out the entire article, "Turbulence Ahead" which was written by the Inlander’s Daniel Waters and get a detailed look at the future of Aerospace in the Spokane area.