contract manufacturing Jan 29, 2014

ALTEK's Custom Painting and Finishing Take Your Projects from Design to Final Assembly

We frequently see requests from our customers in Aerospace and Industrial markets for additional post-production finishing and coating services. No big surprise, since these are typically the final touches that can take components and turn them into finished products. What is surprising at times for these customers is the lucky fact that ALTEK Manufacturing offer custom processing and painting directly from our Spokane-area manufacturing facility.
ALTEK paints and provides custom Aerospace coatings and other services like pad printing, EMI/RFI shielding and metal polishing so that our Aerospace and Industrial customers can all benefit from the simplicity of one supplier that can manage their projects from initial design and engineering to final product assembly.
Why does that matter for you?
Simply put, maintaining one supplier throughout a project equals shorter production timelines, better project planning and greater cooperation for the duration of your contract manufacturing project. ALTEK’s expert team of engineering and manufacturing staff are all deeply knowledgeable about production processes AND about your products. Our dedicated capital investments in the very latest technologies and advanced equipment means you get the very best experience without the need to invest your own resources. ALTEK’s team can be involved at one, or every, step of the process.
Take advantage of our wide range of post-production painting and finishing services:

  • Painting and Aerospace coatings
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Pad printing
  • Metal polishing
  • And more!

Visit ALTEK's Custom Painting and Finishing services section for more details.