Aerospace Manufacturing Jan 13, 2014

New Opportunities for Aerospace Manufacturers in 2014

Over the past year, we’ve seen Aerospace companies (Boeing, Airbus) increasing orders, yet another signal of economic recovery and growth in emerging markets like China, India and Russia.
That spells a lot of potential opportunity for Aerospace suppliers around the globe who will be needed to provide Aerospace components and products from injection molded Aerospace interiors to complex engine assemblies and sensors.
This means greater demand for skilled workers as well, as Aerospace suppliers like ALTEK Manufacturing build our workforce to meet growing demand for engineering and project management assistance for Aerospace companies. It also means many companies will be working to ensure they have the AS9100 certified manufacturing capabilities required for many Aerospace projects. Proactive companies will be in the numbers of those that benefit from proper preparation.
Here at ALTEK, we are gearing up for another busy production year for our Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial customers, and will continue to find new and innovative ways to reduce costs throughout the manufacturing process.