General News Feb 19, 2014

Thinking About a Career in the Manufacturing Industry?

There are more than a few reasons ALTEK Manufacturing has one of the highest number of long-time employees in the Inland Northwest, many of whom have stayed with us for five, ten, even 20 year in some cases! In fact, ALTEK employees average tenure is ten years.
That’s a pretty long time in an industry that is constantly evolving, growing, and becoming technologically more advanced, so what is it that keeps our employee retention rates so high?
For one thing, ALTEK Manufacturing employees are all respected members of a highly professional team. ALTEK has one of the strongest reputations in the Spokane business community, and considered one of the top employers in the region. We got here by treating each member of our team as a contributor, ensuring that new ideas are listened to and, where appropriate, implemented to improve our production processes.
At ALTEK Manufacturing, we do our best to maintain a strong emphasis on:

  • Project ownership
  • Creative problem solving
  • Personal development

That means we invest in our team because we know by doing so we improve our engineering and manufacturing capabilities day by day and year after year. This commitment to internal growth and the continued seeking out of excellence is what has made us a preferred manufacturing partner for our Aerospace, medical, and industrial manufacturing customers, giving us the opportunity to continue to exceed expectations as well as keeping our employees energized and motivated by new challenges.
We encourage you to visit ALTEK’s Career page for all the latest information on manufacturing, engineering and administrative job postings currently available.