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Aerospace Manufacturing Jan 27, 2014

Join ALTEK Manufacturing at the Upcoming INWAC Open House Event

This February 18, 2014 marks a very special opportunity for businesses throughout the Inland Northwest. We hope you will be able to join us for the upcoming Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium’s (INWAC) Open House and Breakfast Social featuring Jenette Ramos, V.P. of Supply Chain Management for Boeing Commercial Airplanes!

Aerospace Manufacturing Jan 13, 2014

New Opportunities for Aerospace Manufacturers in 2014

Over the past year, we’ve seen Aerospace companies (Boeing, Airbus) increasing orders, yet another promising signal of economic recovery and growth in emerging markets like China, India and Russia.

Aerospace Manufacturing Dec 11, 2013

New Article Featuring ALTEK President Mike Marzetta Addresses Future of Aerospace in Spokane

The future of the Aerospace industry--and of Boeing’s presence in Washington in particular--was the subject of an in-depth article published this week in the Inlander, a weekly publication covering news from across the Inland Northwest.


Aerospace Manufacturing Aug 27, 2013

Reduce Your Project Lead Times with ALTEK's Aerospace Coatings

Aerospace manufacturing projects can often be highly complex, requiring a variety of manufacturing processes to reach final completion. Aerospace coating is one service offered at ALTEK that can help speed up product development while also offsetting other expenses incurred during the product development process.

Aerospace Manufacturing Aug 08, 2013

EMI/RFI Shielding: Keeping Your Aerospace Equipment Safe in the Skies

One of the industries that must take measures to remove the threat of interference from EMI / RFI is the aerospace industry. Aircraft components and parts are equipped with electronic devices that, if not probably cared for, can be harmed by EMI and RFI,  which can lead to erased data, loss of connectivity, and even more serious effects like the jamming of cockpit radios and radar signals.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jun 10, 2013

Aerospace Injection Molding at ALTEK Focuses on Reduced Order Volume

ALTEK Manufacturing specializes in Aerospace manufacturing services that include, in addition to precision machining, injection molding that focuses on designing and manufacturing close tolerance parts with integrated supply chain management capabilities.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jun 05, 2013

Protect Your Electronic Devices with EMI Shielding from ALTEK

One of ALTEK's most valuable and highly-requested secondary services is our EMI Shielding. EMI Shielding helps protect sensitive electronic equipment and devices from interference from other electronic products operating in the same vicinity. Interference from other equipment can cause malfunctioning of your devices, leading to incorrect results for diagnostic equipment and test equipment, and to outright part failure for some life-critical medical devices.

Aerospace Manufacturing Mar 19, 2013

Boeing Announces Proposed 787 Battery Solutions

Almost two months after the FAA grounded Boeing's new 787 Dreamliners, the Aerospace company has announced its proposed improvements which Boeing believes will put an end to concerns regarding the 787's operational safety.

The proposed 787 changes include a host of new Lithium-Ion battery safety features designed to reduce the risk for battery fault as well as features designed to isolate those potential issues if they should arise. The improvements fall into three main categories:

Aerospace Manufacturing Feb 20, 2013

Aerospace Contract Manufacturing Highlight - Precision Machining Services at ALTEK Manufacturing

With dedicated resources specifically geared to the complex nature of the Aerospace industry, ALTEK's metal CNC machining services may be just what you need. We are AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered manufacturer, and our precision CNC machining services are a good match for the complex nature of Aerospace parts both large and small, using a wide variety of Aerospace-compatible materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloy.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jan 31, 2013

Keep Order Volume and Costs Under Control with ALTEK's Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

Choosing a contract manufacturer when it's time to outsource is never an easy choice, and Aerospace contract manufacturing projects can be even more difficult. Aerospace parts and components are often much more complex to produce than those found in other industries, requiring stringent quality measures that can make high-volume manufacturing difficult (if not downright impossible).

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