Manufacturing Automation Jun 24, 2013

Aerospace Giant Boeing Credits Manufacturing Automation for Improving Efficiency and Order Capacity

Earlier this year, we shared the story of ALTEK's increasing investment in automated assembly and testing capabilities for our high-tech customers in Medical, Aerospace and Industrial markets. As an organization, ALTEK has made the move towards automation so that we could meet the demand from our customers for a customized solution that would improve their production yields while maintaining a high degree of product and component consistency.


Manufacturing Automation May 21, 2013

Is Automated Assembly and Testing Right For You? 3 Questions to Help You Decide.


You’ve heard about the many benefits of automation: faster manufacturing production, improved accuracy during production, and for some the most important of all – more repeatability, in process AND finished parts (for certain industries, including medical equipment manufacturing, repeatability and proper functioning are in fact of life and death importance). And you understand that these should all, in theory, lead to overall project cost savings and ROI.

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