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Medical Equipment Manufacturing Mar 25, 2014

New FDA Labeling Requirements Make Barcoding a Must for Medical Device Manufacturers

The FDA has recently issued a new rule for medical device manufacturing that requires many medical devices to include what is known as a Unique Device Identifier. The new labeling requirements are geared at making strides to protect patients from medical equipment and devices that do not perform properly.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Sep 10, 2013

Medical Device Manufacturing Outsourcing Trend Continues

While outsourcing isn't exactly new, it hasn't historically been a service that was frequently taken advantage of by medical device OEMs. With new developments in technology, regulations, and medical device manufacturing processes, more medical manufacturers are taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing to a contract manufacturer.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Jun 19, 2013

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at ALTEK’s Medical Injection Molding Services

Medical injection molding can be a complicated process. From specially designed injection molds to final assembly and other finishing services, medical products almost always require a higher degree of consistency and reliability in order to meet important FDA standards.


This is why ALTEK’s medical manufacturing begins well before injection molding gets underway.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Mar 13, 2013

Flexible Manufacturing and Prototyping Keys to Medical Equipment Manufacturing at ALTEK

Much like Aerospace manufacturing, many of the challenges faced in the Medical Equipment Manufacturing industry are focused around the competitiveness of participating organizations and the rapidly growing complexity of medical component and product designs. What can start as a slow ramp up process may hit fever pitch as soon as product designs are finally approved.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Mar 01, 2013

Why Choose Outsourcing for Medical Device Manufacturing?

Outsourcing is frequently used for products across many fields, but medical device and medical equipment product developers tended to stay away, citing a lack of services or regulatory knowledge that fell below what was needed for successful product innovation. Today, outsourcing medical manufacturing projects to contract manufacturers like ALTEK is growing more common, as medical OEMs realize the associated benefits of choosing a contract manufacturer with competencies in medical devices specifically.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Feb 18, 2013

Automated Systems Key Factor for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical equipment manufacturing, like any industry, has its own set of unique challenges for manufacturers. In the case of medical equipment, however, these challenges can be life threatening in the field if not addressed properly during manufacturing. In addition, regulatory bodies such as the FDA have stricter requirements of medical devices and medical components than those found in just about any other industry. Medical devices must function properly, and they must do so every single time they are used.

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