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Precision Machining Services Aug 20, 2013

Three Steps to Building Quality into Your Precision Machining

When servicing the aerospace industry, it’s important to follow strict quality standards in order to produce parts and components that can withstand extremely harsh conditions.  


Precision metal machining is used to make sure these parts work properly under heavy stress loads. The key to quality precision machining capabilities lies with a few factors:

Precision Machining Services Jul 23, 2013

A Quick Review: Precision Machining Services

ALTEK’s precision machining services make it possible for many of our contract manufacturing customers to quickly produce a wide range of parts with an equally impressive range of requirements.

These machining services are made up of several different CNC machining processes, and here we’ve included a quick breakdown of these services and how they are applied.


Precision Machining Services Apr 23, 2013

Aerospace and Medical Markets Increase Demand For Titanium Machining Services

Titanium machined parts have several key benefits that have made the process popular in medical equipment manufacturing and Aerospace machining in recent years. From its extremely high strength-to-weight ratio offering tough, durable parts built to endure strenuous wear and tear, to its naturally corrosion-resistant properties and overall thermal stability, titanium parts can be an attractive (and up to 50% lighter) option over their steel counterparts.

Precision Machining Services Jan 29, 2013

Metal CNC Machining Improves Machined Part Consistency

Metal CNC machining got its beginning back in 1942, when manufacturing engineer John T. Parsons began looking for a more precise parts template by integrating a milling machine with a punch card system in order to create more accurate helicopter rotor blades. Metal CNC machining today is a highly automated process that serves to reduce repetitive set-ups, improve consistency for end products and create greater options for manufacturing flexibility.

Precision Machining Services Dec 31, 2012

CNC Machining Creates Value for Aerospace Manufacturing

Precision CNC machining is a process often required for Aerospace manufacturing, as CNC machining can create parts that are not only capable of withstanding the harsh conditions endured by aircraft and aerospace components, but are also lightweight enough to keep an aircraft’s overall weight down (a key consideration for many Aerospace components).

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