ALTEK's Aerospace manufacturing capabilities are an important part of our contract manufacturing. Our staff is highly experienced with design and engineering of precision, close tolerance parts and injection molding of materials that can withstand extreme temperatures - materials like Ultem, PEEK, and Radel.
Aerospace Manufacturing Jun 10, 2013

Aerospace Injection Molding at ALTEK Focuses on Reduced Order Volume

ALTEK Manufacturing specializes in Aerospace manufacturing services that include, in addition to precision machining, injection molding that focuses on designing and manufacturing close tolerance parts with integrated supply chain management capabilities.

Plastic Injection Molding Dec 10, 2012

Film Insert Molding – Designer’s Dream Comes with Challenges for Manufacturers

Film insert molding, or in-mold decoration as it’s sometimes called, is a process that can be used for almost any industry that requires plastic injection molding.

The process behind film insert molding seems simple enough—take a decorated film, cut it to the shape you want, and then insert it into an injection mold and over-mold to create a scratch-resistant, durable component. The reality, however, can be a little more complicated.


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