contract manufacturing Sep 17, 2013

What Does it Take to be an ITAR Registered Manufacturer?

ALTEK Manufacturing is an ITAR Registered manufacturer, which is required for many defense-related and government contract manufacturing projects. But what does that mean, and how does it benefit our other customers?

contract manufacturing Aug 29, 2013

Tailored Contract Assembly Services Benefit A Variety of Industry OEMs

Assembling your various parts and componentsinto finished products can make a huge difference in the cost efficiency and quality of your final products. Here we outline some of the ways ALTEK's Contract Assembly services can be tailored to your industry.

Aerospace Manufacturing Aug 08, 2013

EMI/RFI Shielding: Keeping Your Aerospace Equipment Safe in the Skies

One of the industries that must take measures to remove the threat of interference from EMI / RFI is the aerospace industry. Aircraft components and parts are equipped with electronic devices that, if not probably cared for, can be harmed by EMI and RFI,  which can lead to erased data, loss of connectivity, and even more serious effects like the jamming of cockpit radios and radar signals.

contract manufacturing Jul 30, 2013


The hard work doesn’t stop with testing. Your qualified manufacturer must also work closely with you throughout the project. Keeping consistent, clear communication with you at all times is a project must.

ALTEK Manufacturing Events Mar 21, 2013

ALTEK Manufacturing Will Exhibit at the 2013 AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo

The AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo takes place April 9-10, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. AmCon manufacturing shows are a great way to meet with contract manufacturers from across North America with two days of exhibits and workshop events designed to offer purchasers, engineers, and production managers a single place find contract manufacturers specializing in plastic injection molding, metal cnc machining services, rapid prototyping and more.


Aerospace Manufacturing Jan 31, 2013

Keep Order Volume and Costs Under Control with ALTEK's Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

Choosing a contract manufacturer when it's time to outsource is never an easy choice, and Aerospace contract manufacturing projects can be even more difficult. Aerospace parts and components are often much more complex to produce than those found in other industries, requiring stringent quality measures that can make high-volume manufacturing difficult (if not downright impossible).

contract manufacturing Jan 15, 2013

From Concept to Completion: the Benefits of ALTEK’S Contract Manufacturing

Starting a new manufacturing project can be daunting. Weighing the costs and benefits of outsourcing to a contract manufacturer can seem downright overwhelming. You may feel like you will be giving up control of your project by choosing to go with a contract manufacturing company, or, have concerns that turnaround time and scheduling will become a massive headache you don’t want to deal with.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

contract manufacturing Nov 27, 2012

Is Contract Manufacturing the Key to U.S. Innovation?

According to author Tucker Marion, outsourcing to a contract manufacturer makes room for new product developers to focus on product development while also taking advantage of the highly skilled resources that contract manufacturers bring to the table. Contract manufacturing can give product developers expert guidance during all stages of a product's development, from engineering design assistance and prototyping to supply chain management and product testing.

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