Aerospace Manufacturing Aug 08, 2013

EMI/RFI Shielding: Keeping Your Aerospace Equipment Safe in the Skies

One of the industries that must take measures to remove the threat of interference from EMI / RFI is the aerospace industry. Aircraft components and parts are equipped with electronic devices that, if not probably cared for, can be harmed by EMI and RFI,  which can lead to erased data, loss of connectivity, and even more serious effects like the jamming of cockpit radios and radar signals.

General News Apr 11, 2013

ALTEK Manufacturing Service Highlight - Custom Painting and Finishing

At ALTEK Manufacturing, we understand that creating new components using ALTEK's metal CNC machining services or plastic injection molding services is often just the first step to achieving a finished product. That's why we've chosen to make value-added secondary services like custom painting and finishing processes available in-house, with our full service paint shop and, more recently, our new value-add center.

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