Medical Equipment Manufacturing Jun 19, 2013

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at ALTEK’s Medical Injection Molding Services

Medical injection molding can be a complicated process. From specially designed injection molds to final assembly and other finishing services, medical products almost always require a higher degree of consistency and reliability in order to meet important FDA standards.


This is why ALTEK’s medical manufacturing begins well before injection molding gets underway.

Plastic Injection Molding Feb 05, 2013

How to Avoid Two Common Film Insert Molding Challenges

Film insert molding, a plastic injection molding process that inserts a decorated film that is then secured via back molding, is an attractive option for many products within Medical Manufacturing and Diagnostic Equipment manufacturing. By combining steps and creating a single component, other processes can be greatly reduced. Also known as in mold decoration.

Plastic Injection Molding Dec 10, 2012

Film Insert Molding – Designer’s Dream Comes with Challenges for Manufacturers

Film insert molding, or in-mold decoration as it’s sometimes called, is a process that can be used for almost any industry that requires plastic injection molding.

The process behind film insert molding seems simple enough—take a decorated film, cut it to the shape you want, and then insert it into an injection mold and over-mold to create a scratch-resistant, durable component. The reality, however, can be a little more complicated.


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