contract manufacturing Dec 23, 2013

Find Comfort and Control With Clean Room Manufacturing at ALTEK

Clean room manufacturing is often requested for sensitive components found in a variety of industries, from Medical-grade components and devices to Military applications requiring laser optics components. In short, clean room manufacturing is often requested for any component or manufacturing process that has the potential to be damaged by airborne particles.


Precision Machining Services Jan 29, 2013

Metal CNC Machining Improves Machined Part Consistency

Metal CNC machining got its beginning back in 1942, when manufacturing engineer John T. Parsons began looking for a more precise parts template by integrating a milling machine with a punch card system in order to create more accurate helicopter rotor blades. Metal CNC machining today is a highly automated process that serves to reduce repetitive set-ups, improve consistency for end products and create greater options for manufacturing flexibility.

General News Jul 09, 2012

New Industry Pages and Updated Homepage Design for ALTEK Site

You may have noticed things are looking a little different on the ALTEK website these days. Well, if you did you may already be aware of ALTEK's new Industry pages, designed to give all our ALTEK customers easy-to-find information about our services for Aerospace ManufacturingIndustrial Equipment Manufacturing and Medical Equipment Manufacturing.


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