contract manufacturing Aug 29, 2013

Tailored Contract Assembly Services Benefit A Variety of Industry OEMs

Assembling your various parts and componentsinto finished products can make a huge difference in the cost efficiency and quality of your final products. Here we outline some of the ways ALTEK's Contract Assembly services can be tailored to your industry.

Plastic Injection Molding Jan 25, 2013

Insert Injection Molding Reduces Cost While Improving Product Reliability

We all want the best of both worlds: products that are strong and reliable... and also keep within sometimes tight budgets. Insert injection molding services offered by ALTEK Manufacturing can help you do just that. Insert injection molding is an overmolding process used at ALTEK to combine more than one part into one final composite part or finished product. During the process, an "insert" is placed into an insert molding machine that then injects melted plastic to fill in around the insert.

General News Jul 09, 2012

New Industry Pages and Updated Homepage Design for ALTEK Site

You may have noticed things are looking a little different on the ALTEK website these days. Well, if you did you may already be aware of ALTEK's new Industry pages, designed to give all our ALTEK customers easy-to-find information about our services for Aerospace ManufacturingIndustrial Equipment Manufacturing and Medical Equipment Manufacturing.


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