ALTEK Manufacturing Nov 18 2013

Over Molding vs. Insert Molding: Get Help Deciding Which is Right for Your Project

Today overmolding and its counterpart, insert injection molding, have in large part erased these additional requirements, making it easier, faster, and cheaper to complete finished complex finished products.

Plastic Injection Molding Oct 16 2013

Not Just for Aerospace Anymore: PEEK Injection Molding

The injection molding thermoplastic Polyetheretherketone, or as most know it PEEK, has been used in Aerospace applications for many years now based on its high degree of flexibility and ability to withstand harsh environments. Today, many other industries including Medical and Industrial manufacturers are starting to catch on to some of the surprising benefits.

contract manufacturing Oct 09 2013

Defense Manufacturing in the U.S.

We’ve seen a lot of news lately focusing on the reliance of the Defense industry on foreign sourced defense combat system components and raw materials. The main argument? This reliance is creating vulnerabilities to sourcing issues that include the risk of incorporating counterfeit parts or using materials that don’t adhere to strict environmental regulations.

Plastic Injection Molding Sep 30 2013

Successful Injection Molding Begins with Materials Selection

Materials selection is one of the very first decisions you will need to make for any new plastic injection molding project. Whether you are injection molding Aerospace parts or components that will need to withstand a tough environment in the skies, or the complex design of a new medical device, materials selection will play a large role in the ultimate success of your project.


Plastic Injection Molding Sep 25 2013

Gas Assist Injection Molding Grows Up to Include More Complex Applications

Today, what used to be a process for only the most basic plastic components can now be used for a variety of industries and for a wide range of applications. New advancements in both gas pressure and mold flow control offer injection molders tighter control over the process.

contract manufacturing Sep 17 2013

What Does it Take to be an ITAR Registered Manufacturer?

ALTEK Manufacturing is an ITAR Registered manufacturer, which is required for many defense-related and government contract manufacturing projects. But what does that mean, and how does it benefit our other customers?

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Sep 10 2013

Medical Device Manufacturing Outsourcing Trend Continues

While outsourcing isn't exactly new, it hasn't historically been a service that was frequently taken advantage of by medical device OEMs. With new developments in technology, regulations, and medical device manufacturing processes, more medical manufacturers are taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing to a contract manufacturer.

contract manufacturing Aug 29 2013

Tailored Contract Assembly Services Benefit A Variety of Industry OEMs

Assembling your various parts and componentsinto finished products can make a huge difference in the cost efficiency and quality of your final products. Here we outline some of the ways ALTEK's Contract Assembly services can be tailored to your industry.

ALTEK Manufacturing Aug 27 2013

Reduce Your Project Lead Times with ALTEK's Aerospace Coatings

Aerospace manufacturing projects can often be highly complex, requiring a variety of manufacturing processes to reach final completion. Aerospace coating is one service offered at ALTEK that can help speed up product development while also offsetting other expenses incurred during the product development process.

Precision Machining Services Aug 20 2013

Three Steps to Building Quality into Your Precision Machining

When servicing the aerospace industry, it’s important to follow strict quality standards in order to produce parts and components that can withstand extremely harsh conditions.  
Precision metal machining is used to make sure these parts work properly under heavy stress loads. The key to quality precision machining capabilities lies with a few factors: