EMI/RFI shielding Aug 08 2013

EMI/RFI Shielding: Keeping Your Aerospace Equipment Safe in the Skies

One of the industries that must take measures to remove the threat of interference from EMI / RFI is the aerospace industry. Aircraft components and parts are equipped with electronic devices that, if not probably cared for, can be harmed by EMI and RFI,  which can lead to erased data, loss of connectivity, and even more serious effects like the jamming of cockpit radios and radar signals.

contract manufacturing Jul 30 2013


The hard work doesn’t stop with testing. Your qualified manufacturer must also work closely with you throughout the project. Keeping consistent, clear communication with you at all times is a project must.

Precision Machining Services Jul 23 2013

A Quick Review: Precision Machining Services

ALTEK’s precision machining services make it possible for many of our contract manufacturing customers to quickly produce a wide range of parts with an equally impressive range of requirements.
These machining services are made up of several different CNC machining processes, and here we’ve included a quick breakdown of these services and how they are applied.


Plastic Injection Molding Jul 18 2013

Do You Really Need an Injection Mold Design Engineering Review?

For many, adhering to best practices and informal knowledge sharing is enough when it comes to turning injection mold designs into plastic injection molded parts. So why go the extra mile with an injection mold design review that can increase project starting time? Here, we'll explain the ins and outs of ALTEK's injection mold design engineering review.

Plastic Injection Molding Jul 12 2013

Flex Your Product Design Muscles With Overmolding for Injection Molding

Overmolding is a process that can help you create new product designs that are more flexible and more helpful to product users. Learn more about this helpful plastic injection molding process and find out how you can reap the benefits of overmolding for your medical product designs, Aerospace equipment and consumer products.

Manufacturing Automation Jun 24 2013

Aerospace Giant Boeing Credits Manufacturing Automation for Improving Efficiency and Order Capacity

Earlier this year, we shared the story of ALTEK's increasing investment in automated assembly and testing capabilities for our high-tech customers in Medical, Aerospace and Industrial markets. As an organization, ALTEK has made the move towards automation so that we could meet the demand from our customers for a customized solution that would improve their production yields while maintaining a high degree of product and component consistency.


Medical Equipment Manufacturing Jun 19 2013

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at ALTEK’s Medical Injection Molding Services

Medical injection molding can be a complicated process. From specially designed injection molds to final assembly and other finishing services, medical products almost always require a higher degree of consistency and reliability in order to meet important FDA standards.
This is why ALTEK’s medical manufacturing begins well before injection molding gets underway.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jun 10 2013

Aerospace Injection Molding at ALTEK Focuses on Reduced Order Volume

ALTEK Manufacturing specializes in Aerospace manufacturing services that include, in addition to precision machining, injection molding that focuses on designing and manufacturing close tolerance parts with integrated supply chain management capabilities.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jun 05 2013

Protect Your Electronic Devices with EMI Shielding from ALTEK

One of ALTEK's most valuable and highly-requested secondary services is our EMI Shielding. EMI Shielding helps protect sensitive electronic equipment and devices from interference from other electronic products operating in the same vicinity. Interference from other equipment can cause malfunctioning of your devices, leading to incorrect results for diagnostic equipment and test equipment, and to outright part failure for some life-critical medical devices.

Manufacturing Automation May 21 2013

Is Automated Assembly and Testing Right For You? 3 Questions to Help You Decide.

You’ve heard about the many benefits of automation: faster manufacturing production, improved accuracy during production, and for some the most important of all – more repeatability, in process AND finished parts (for certain industries, including medical equipment manufacturing, repeatability and proper functioning are in fact of life and death importance). And you understand that these should all, in theory, lead to overall project cost savings and ROI.