contract manufacturing May 09 2013

5 Reasons Why Design for Manufacturability Matters

Design for Manufacturing is a simple concept, but not everyone understands just what makes it such a crucial process during the engineering phase of a project. Here, find our top 5 reasons Design for Manufacture matters, and what you'll need to consider when starting your next manufacturing project.

Press Release May 03 2013

ALTEK Manufacturing Invests in Custom Automation for its Contract Assembly and Testing Services

ALTEK Manufacturing has recently invested in the creation of a custom automation program for its contract assembly and testing customers. The added capabilities are a direct result of requests from ALTEK customers looking for ways to speed up production while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and quality during manufacturing. The new capabilities benefit many of our high-tech customers, including those in Aerospace and Medical equipment manufacturing.

Precision Machining Services Apr 23 2013

Aerospace and Medical Markets Increase Demand For Titanium Machining Services

Titanium machined parts have several key benefits that have made the process popular in medical equipment manufacturing and Aerospace machining in recent years. From its extremely high strength-to-weight ratio offering tough, durable parts built to endure strenuous wear and tear, to its naturally corrosion-resistant properties and overall thermal stability, titanium parts can be an attractive (and up to 50% lighter) option over their steel counterparts.

Plastic Injection Molding Apr 16 2013

3 Tips to Prepare for Gas Assist Injection Molding

Like any injection molding process, to ensure your product's quality, it's important to plan for successful production. Here, we've included three tips to make sure your product designs are ready for gas assist injection molding.

General News Apr 11 2013

ALTEK Manufacturing Service Highlight - Custom Painting and Finishing

At ALTEK Manufacturing, we understand that creating new components using ALTEK's metal CNC machining services or plastic injection molding services is often just the first step to achieving a finished product. That's why we've chosen to make value-added secondary services like custom painting and finishing processes available in-house, with our full service paint shop and, more recently, our new value-add center.

ALTEK Manufacturing Events Mar 21 2013

ALTEK Manufacturing Will Exhibit at the 2013 AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo

The AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo takes place April 9-10, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. AmCon manufacturing shows are a great way to meet with contract manufacturers from across North America with two days of exhibits and workshop events designed to offer purchasers, engineers, and production managers a single place find contract manufacturers specializing in plastic injection molding, metal cnc machining services, rapid prototyping and more.

Aerospace Manufacturing Mar 19 2013

Boeing Announces Proposed 787 Battery Solutions

Almost two months after the FAA grounded Boeing's new 787 Dreamliners, the Aerospace company has announced its proposed improvements which Boeing believes will put an end to concerns regarding the 787's operational safety.
The proposed 787 changes include a host of new Lithium-Ion battery safety features designed to reduce the risk for battery fault as well as features designed to isolate those potential issues if they should arise. The improvements fall into three main categories:

General News Mar 18 2013

First Round of U.S. Veterans Complete National Get Skills to Work Program in Cincinnati

This past weekend, the first group of 11 U.S. veterans were recognized for completion of the new Get Skills to Work (GSTW) program, a national program designed to help bridge the current skills gap in U.S. Manufacturing jobs, and to encourage and train a new generation of skilled U.S. manufacturing employees to help fill the estimated 600,000 open manufacturing jobs nationwide.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Mar 13 2013

Flexible Manufacturing and Prototyping Keys to Medical Equipment Manufacturing at ALTEK

Much like Aerospace manufacturing, many of the challenges faced in the Medical Equipment Manufacturing industry are focused around the competitiveness of participating organizations and the rapidly growing complexity of medical component and product designs. What can start as a slow ramp up process may hit fever pitch as soon as product designs are finally approved.

General News Mar 08 2013

Take Advantage of ALTEK Manufacturing's New Value-Add Center

At ALTEK Manufacturing, many of our customers in the Aerospace, Medical and High-Tech industries have additional manufacturing needs beyond initial component manufacturing, whether that means assembling medical components to create finished medical equipment manufacturing products,  or finishing Aerospace manufacturing projects with our custom painting and finishing services.