Medical Equipment Manufacturing Mar 01 2013

Why Choose Outsourcing for Medical Device Manufacturing?

Outsourcing is frequently used for products across many fields, but medical device and medical equipment product developers tended to stay away, citing a lack of services or regulatory knowledge that fell below what was needed for successful product innovation. Today, outsourcing medical manufacturing projects to contract manufacturers like ALTEK is growing more common, as medical OEMs realize the associated benefits of choosing a contract manufacturer with competencies in medical devices specifically.

Aerospace Manufacturing Feb 20 2013

Aerospace Contract Manufacturing Highlight - Precision Machining Services at ALTEK Manufacturing

With dedicated resources specifically geared to the complex nature of the Aerospace industry, ALTEK's metal CNC machining services may be just what you need. We are AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered manufacturer, and our precision CNC machining services are a good match for the complex nature of Aerospace parts both large and small, using a wide variety of Aerospace-compatible materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloy.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Feb 18 2013

Automated Systems Key Factor for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical equipment manufacturing, like any industry, has its own set of unique challenges for manufacturers. In the case of medical equipment, however, these challenges can be life threatening in the field if not addressed properly during manufacturing. In addition, regulatory bodies such as the FDA have stricter requirements of medical devices and medical components than those found in just about any other industry. Medical devices must function properly, and they must do so every single time they are used.

Plastic Injection Molding Feb 11 2013

Plastic Injection Mold Design Tips: Uniform Wall Thickness

Plastic injection molding is a highly versatile manufacturing process, but it does require unique considerations during injection mold design and production. Many of these challenges can be overcome during the plastic injection mold design process. Key factors an injection mold design must take into consideration include material selection, injection mold gate placement, and wall thickness and uniformity. Here, we discuss a few tips that will help you design parts that avoid stress that can cause warping and cracking as well as maintaining an attractive finish without the threat of sinkage.

Plastic Injection Molding Feb 05 2013

How to Avoid Two Common Film Insert Molding Challenges

Film insert molding, a plastic injection molding process that inserts a decorated film that is then secured via back molding, is an attractive option for many products within Medical Manufacturing and Diagnostic Equipment manufacturing. By combining steps and creating a single component, other processes can be greatly reduced. Also known as in mold decoration.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jan 31 2013

Keep Order Volume and Costs Under Control with ALTEK's Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

Choosing a contract manufacturer when it's time to outsource is never an easy choice, and Aerospace contract manufacturing projects can be even more difficult. Aerospace parts and components are often much more complex to produce than those found in other industries, requiring stringent quality measures that can make high-volume manufacturing difficult (if not downright impossible).

Precision Machining Services Jan 29 2013

Metal CNC Machining Improves Machined Part Consistency

Metal CNC machining got its beginning back in 1942, when manufacturing engineer John T. Parsons began looking for a more precise parts template by integrating a milling machine with a punch card system in order to create more accurate helicopter rotor blades. Metal CNC machining today is a highly automated process that serves to reduce repetitive set-ups, improve consistency for end products and create greater options for manufacturing flexibility.

Plastic Injection Molding Jan 25 2013

Insert Injection Molding Reduces Cost While Improving Product Reliability

We all want the best of both worlds: products that are strong and reliable... and also keep within sometimes tight budgets. Insert injection molding services offered by ALTEK Manufacturing can help you do just that. Insert injection molding is an overmolding process used at ALTEK to combine more than one part into one final composite part or finished product. During the process, an "insert" is placed into an insert molding machine that then injects melted plastic to fill in around the insert.

Plastic Injection Molding Jan 22 2013

Designed for Comfort: Injection Mold Design & Tooling at ALTEK

For most plastic injection molding projects, the injection mold design and injection mold tooling process is often the most spendy as well as the most time-consuming part of the entire project. The final goals of the manufacturing project must always remain top of mind during these crucial stages; parts must be produced at the best possible quality, and at the quickest pace.

Plastic Injection Molding Jan 16 2013

Why Choose Gas Assist Injection Molding?

Gas assist injection molding is a low-pressure process that pushes nitrogen gas throughout the mold cavity in order to offer uniform pressure throughout an entire molded part. The process can be very helpful for producing parts that may not adhere to the normal requirements of injection molded part designs.