contract manufacturing Jan 15 2013

From Concept to Completion: the Benefits of ALTEK’S Contract Manufacturing

Starting a new manufacturing project can be daunting. Weighing the costs and benefits of outsourcing to a contract manufacturer can seem downright overwhelming. You may feel like you will be giving up control of your project by choosing to go with a contract manufacturing company, or, have concerns that turnaround time and scheduling will become a massive headache you don’t want to deal with.
It doesn’t have to be like that.

Precision Machining Services Dec 31 2012

CNC Machining Creates Value for Aerospace Manufacturing

Precision CNC machining is a process often required for Aerospace manufacturing, as CNC machining can create parts that are not only capable of withstanding the harsh conditions endured by aircraft and aerospace components, but are also lightweight enough to keep an aircraft’s overall weight down (a key consideration for many Aerospace components).

Plastic Injection Molding Dec 18 2012

In-House Injection Mold Tooling: Faster Production, Better Parts

Injection mold tooling can often be one of the largest costs associated with any new injection molding project, and unfortunately one of the most time-consuming. No big surprise then that finding ways to keep time and cost to a minimum while still creating the best possible end products are big priorities for manufacturers.


Plastic Injection Molding Dec 10 2012

Film Insert Molding – Designer’s Dream Comes with Challenges for Manufacturers

Film insert molding, or in-mold decoration as it’s sometimes called, is a process that can be used for almost any industry that requires plastic injection molding.
The process behind film insert molding seems simple enough—take a decorated film, cut it to the shape you want, and then insert it into an injection mold and over-mold to create a scratch-resistant, durable component. The reality, however, can be a little more complicated.


contract manufacturing Nov 27 2012

Is Contract Manufacturing the Key to U.S. Innovation?

According to author Tucker Marion, outsourcing to a contract manufacturer makes room for new product developers to focus on product development while also taking advantage of the highly skilled resources that contract manufacturers bring to the table. Contract manufacturing can give product developers expert guidance during all stages of a product's development, from engineering design assistance and prototyping to supply chain management and product testing.

General News Oct 30 2012

U.S. Manufacturing Continues to Push Employee Training Programs Across the U.S.

U.S. Manufacturing needs skilled workers, and is hard at work at building up the next generation before expected retirements over the next five years open up an estimated 2.5 million jobs nationwide.
Some of the nation's largest manufacturers are teaming up to do just that, by working with community and technical colleges to speed up training for veterans in the "Get Skills to Work Coalition" sponsored by General Electric Co, Alcoa, Inc, aerospace giant Boeing Co. and Lockheed-Martin Corp.

Aerospace Manufacturing Oct 17 2012

New Course Preps Area Businesses and Job Seekers for Aerospace Manufacturing

Spokane is busy training the next generation of aerospace workers at its Inland Northwest Technology Center, according to a recent article published in the Washington Business Magazine, and with the help of a new $20 million federal grant the school has now started the new Air Washington Program. This new program is designed to increase workers' skills, improve student retention rates and assist veterans find jobs in the Aerospace manufacturing industry.

General News Oct 15 2012

Global Growth of Aerospace Industry Benefits Inland Northwest Manufacturing Companies

Several factors including demand for lighter aircraft as well as emerging markets in South America, China and India have created a major increase in demand for Aerospace manufacturing; the Inland Northwest region has been hard at work preparing for expected growth in coming years, according to a recent article published October 14 in the Spokesman-Review.

Plastic Injection Molding Oct 02 2012

ALTEK Plastic Injection Molding & Assembly Automation Video

ALTEK Manufacturing has automated many of our contract manufacturing, contract assembly, testing and inspection tasks in order to speed up production and accuracy for high-volume manufacturing projects. Get a firsthand view of the automation process in this quick video featuring ALTEK Manufacturing's Director of Quality and Productivity, Todd Baker, as he describes ALTEK's new automated laser barcoding for serializing media discs. Automation can deliver great ROI for high-volume assemblies and can offer a valuable alternative to traditional techniques.

Aerospace Manufacturing Sep 18 2012

Inland Northwest Poised for Future Growth of the Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace industry has continued to see growth over the past several years, and businesses in the Spokane region are ready for it. Not only does the region currently boast more than 80 direct and indirect suppliers for the Aerospace industry employing more than 8,000 people, regional government and business have been hard at work ensuring the region is able to handle the continued growth of Aerospace giant Boeing. Boeing will be building the new 737MAX at its Renton plant, meaning the possibility of an over capacity plant and the need to expand to other areas.